Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jane and I Bonded This Weekend!

I wanted to make a dent in my backlog of Jane Stickle blocks this weekend and here are the completed blocks.  They are H-12, Hannah Lou’s Hearts; J-4, Adelaine’s Apron Strings; RS-1, Tennessee Valley triangle block; A-6, Uncle Homer; G-3, Four Leaf Clover; TR-9 Needles Point triangle block; and C-6, Ashley’s Aura. 

I managed to reverse the values in J-4, but I think I'll leave it the way it is.  A couple of these were do-overs but the majority were new efforts.

I also have this stack of four more blocks prepped and ready for the handwork part of applique.  These may go with me to Sit ‘N Sew Tuesday, provided I’m able to join my friends.  I am first on the stand-by list of poll workers for the election Tuesday, and I may get a last minute call to work.

I love working with batiks, and have managed to make a huge mess as I try to pair up fabrics.  The rest of the sewing room is pretty bad to.  Right now my plan is to spend any time Monday that I have to sew doing some stitching in the ditch on my Breaking the Mold Quilt.  I have a chick flick ready to pop into the DVD player, and I'm certainly ready for a change of pace.


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... you've been busy!

*lol* @ "...managed to make a huge mess..." Creativity does produce that quite often... esp at my house!

I think I need to move a tv in my sewing room... hmmmm...

Aunt 'Reen said...

You've been super productive,congratulations! All of your Jane blocks are very beautiful. I love seeing them all in the pretty batiks you paired together - such pretty fabric combinations.