Friday, May 31, 2013

Catching up on my Journaling

My blog has been quiet the last two weeks, but quilting and other crafts have been going on.  It’s time to catch up on my journaling. 

Work on the Be Attitudes quilt slowed beginning in April because of workshops and company.  The quilt shop sponsoring it as a block of the month closed and that also took a bit of the impetus out of keeping on track.  I have all the block kits, however, and they are still up on the design wall.  I finally finished the blanket stitch in the “Be Respectful” block and have started auditioning fabrics for substitutions in the "Be Honest" block. 

In the evenings,  I'm still knitting dishcloths.  Pictures of those and my completed Jane Stickle blocks will be posted after my camera battery has recharged.  

Work has also begun on a Quilt Club challenge project.  We are supposed to create an avatar of ourselves (or alter ego, if you prefer) for the September meeting.  I have begun drafting out an idea.  Being able to execute it is an altogether different issue, however.  Since it is a club challenge, I probably won’t post pictures until the reveal date at club.

Finally, we received sad news yesterday.  Chloe, my four-year-old lap dog has cancer.  We adopted her from a local shelter in June, 2010, and she has been my special companion ever since.  It's uncertain how much longer she will be with us, so I intend to do all I can to make the time left good.


Doniene said...

Hi Mary! Nice to see your post and catch up on your happenings! I've been rather blog absent lately, trying to slowly catch up reading my favorite blogs and commenting! Sorry to hear about Chloe - always a tough time when our pets are sick.


Hilachas said...

Oh, Mary. It's so sad to hear the bad news about your pet. I understand why you haven't felt like blogging.

Diane said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet puppy. ((hugs))
The be attitudes blocks are great, I have the book....still need to make one...sigh

Rhonda M said...

I am so very sorry about Chloe. We have 3 fur babies, 2 dogs and 1 cat, and they are part of our family. I hope you still have lots of time for some good doggie snuggling with her. Your quilt blocks are beautiful!

Debbie said...

Mary, your be-attitude blocks are looking so good. Glad you have all of the sets to finish off. Look forward to seeing them.
So sad to hear of your baby's illness. Enjoy the time you have with her.