Sunday, May 5, 2013

Group Quilt

While at the ranch last week, I put this top on the quilter.  It was pieced by the Sit ‘N Sew group I hang with on Tuesdays and they asked me to quilt it.  I did a fairly easy pantograph called Popcorn. 

Another member of our group will give the quilt its final trim and add the binding and label.  It will then be donated to the Quilt Club’s silent auction which will be held during its February show. 

Our group has never formally affiliated with the quilt club as a bee, though almost all of us are members.  This year, several of us are club officers and we are beginning to be more active as a recognizable group.

Tuesday will be our first Sit ‘N Sew day in our new location.  The quilt shop proprietor who is closing her store was kind enough to let us have many items, including tables and chairs on an indefinite loan basis.    We enlisted several husbands who had trailers and pickup trucks and moved into the new space last Wednesday. The new work area is smaller, but it includes a small kitchen area.  I think all of us are just relieved to be able to continue sewing together.

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