Thursday, April 24, 2014

It took longer than expected, but the 66 circles, 96 leaves and 310 inches of stems are finally prepped for applique on the Jill Finley quilt blocks and the first block is glue basted.  I had to pace myself during the prep process when I discovered it was making my wrist sore.  Many of my friends have issues with their hands and wrists and I want to delay the onset as long as I can.

This project will be my grab-and-go hand project for the foreseeable future.  Besides the 16 blocks like the one in the photograph above there are additional appliqued borders on the top and bottom. 

I never know what I will encounter on my morning dog walks.  I've seen spiders, skunks, geese, a pelican, lots of turtles, the occasional snake and today…this crawdad.  

We have lots of ponds in our area, but this is the first time I've seen one of these guys.  I estimate that he is about 4 inches long.  Llano, a community about 40 miles from here, is having its annual crawfish festival this weekend.  Maybe this guy was looking for a place to hide.

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AnnieO said...

Pretty colors in those pieces! You do have to take care of your wrist and thumbs--very common to get arthritis in the thumbs in women.
I'm sure to never find a craw dad on my walks :)