Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday's Triangle Block

Yesterday was sewing with friends’ day and I worked on two Jane Stickle triangles.  One is finished.  Here it is.  This one was entirely paper pieced. It is Bottom Row-10, Nicholas’ Diamond.  The colors are more muted in the photo, perhaps due to a heavily overcast day today.  We are praying and hoping for some rain this week.

I have an additional two triangles in the works.  Almost all the remaining blocks require both paper piecing and applique, so actually finishing one on Tuesday while away from my applique prep tools is not always possible.

My order for batting and backing arrived yesterday so I’ll wrestle the monster cutting table out of its nook in the laundry room and prepare a top for quilting.  Since my HQ16 is out of commission while the ranch house is under repair, I’ll be quilting on my Janome.  That’s slower than working on the HQ, but I always feel like I have more control over what I’m doing.


Hilachas said...

Beautiful triangle block. Again, I am so jealous. For some reason, I don't even think about "My Jane" until I see a new block you've posted. WTG!

Diane said...

as always I'm amazed by the dear Jane blocks, especially these triangle ones--you go girl!