Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back from the Ranch

We spent the weekend at the ranch, an outing we delayed for much too long due to a number of circumstances out of our control.  The weather was perfect.

As soon as the minimum number of absolutely required housekeeping chores was out of the way, I set up my Featherweight and went to work on Anti-Ouch Pouches. This was the first opportunity I've had to set up a machine at the ranch since the waterline break and rebuild that took up all of 2014.

A friend had ordered an LED light bulb for my machine and I am delighted with it.  It is definitely brighter and cooler than the traditional bulbs.  I do hope it is as long-lived as the manufacturer claims.

Saturday I drive into Llano town for that quilt club’s very first show.  They did a fabulous job and I kept running into friends, many of whom I had not seen in over a year.  Each visitor was gifted with a goody bag that contained information about the show and area attractions.  

A local quit shop was offering $10 off coupons and I, of course, could not pass up the opportunity to check it out.  I left with some fabric for backing and a new pair of machine quilting gloves.

The Bluebonnets are not yet at their peak, but I had to take a picture, anyway, so I opted for a closeup.  Maybe in a few weeks the pastures will be dense with flowers and I can get a better picture.  

These calves were very interested in what I was doing.  Sorry, kids, no treats.

Here are the 11 anti-ouch pouches I finished for the month.  Now I am free to play with other projects.


O'Quilts said...

Fun quilting times and the lovely..

barbara woods said...

love your bluebonnet shot

Debbie said...

An LED bulb for the featherweight.....I need to check that out. I love that backing fabric. Your visit to the ranch loves peaceful and refreshing.....the bluebonnets are always welcome sight.