Thursday, March 5, 2015

This and That

My blog book, the third I have purchased since beginning my blog in 2010, has arrived.  Just in case something weird happens and my blog evaporates into the etherland someday, I want to have a print version as a permanent record.  It is, after all, my record of all the quilts I make and what happens to them.  Some weeks it’s really hard for me to keep the record going; but I’ve enjoyed the connections I’ve made with other quilters so much I want to keep it active.  Looking at the covers, would you guess my favorite color is blue?

I've started quilting the project I pin basted last week.  I’m pretty happy with the way it has progressed.  Most of the work is being done on my sit-down Handiquilter, but I still prefer doing straight line and ditch stitching using my Janome with the walking foot.  I doubt I will have the quilting finished by my self-imposed deadline of Monday.  We expect visitors that day and I would love to have the clutter of this particular stage of the project stowed.  There are somethings, though, that just can't be rushed.

Tomorrow I will be joining my friends for a few hours of quilting and visiting, and visiting and quilting.  The Tuesday group has declared an in-house retreat this week.  I've missed most of it due to schedule conflicts, but am looking forward to the time I can be there.

The sunshine finally returned today after a series of five very gloomy, drizzly days.  The dire predictions for icy conditions this morning skipped over our immediate area.  It was extremely chilly and windy, but pretty, and we are expecting a gradual warming trend over the next several days.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

How nice that you're able to get some quilting & visiting time with your friends. I too have thought - briefly - about letting my blog go, but I've come to enjoy the connections made with my fellow quilters that I just can't give it up - at least not yet. ;-)

Debbie said...

Love the blog books....they are a joy to look back thru and see quilts I made for others. I know you enjoy yours.
I agree with your assessment of using the regular machine for straight line work. It is probably more time consuming but worth the results, so take your time and just enjoy the process. We have sunshine, but cold, today...finally!

Frog Quilter said...

Love the books. Could you provide a link to where you got them made? Thanks.

Nita said...

I've never heard of a blog book...what a great idea!