Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Found" Time for Quilting and Sewing!

To my great relief, I was not assigned to a jury Monday.  It was largely a matter of luck.  They needed 12 jurors and one alternate.  I was number 51 on the qualified panel, and all the positions were filled before they got that high.  Based on what little they could tell us about the case at that stage of the process plus what I learned by searching online for information later, I know it would have been a very difficult case to hear.

So, I was able to sew with my Tuesday group and continue working on my Sue Garman project.  Today, after the Quilt Club meeting, I stayed a couple of hours to help stuff and stitch up neck pillows.  These will be for sale in our February quilt show’s boutique.  We ran out of the stuffing so I brought several home to finish. 

I also handed in my anti-ouch pouches for the month.  I finished two more bringing my 2015 total to 102.  I picked up some more kits to make, but probably won’t hand them in until our January meeting.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I think found sewing time is the best. I thought I'd be out of the house today and tomorrow ... but I've been given a "reprieve". I got so much accomplished today and look forward to being equally productive tomorrow.

Doniene said...

So glad that you got some sewing time with friends!!!

Is your quilt show this coming year? I would love to come this time - keep me posted! Would love to meet up in person!

Blessings and hugs!

Gina said...

Well done on the unexpected sewing time. It always seems a guilty pleasure to me. I'm glad you got out of the jury service. I've done it twice as over here you sign up for two weeks and if the one trial is quick you may get picked again for a second trial. The first one was a rape and the second was child sex abuse. Very traumatic and not something I'd like to repeat xx