Monday, November 23, 2015

Company Expected

We are expecting the grand kids later this week so this has been a day for housekeeping and clearing out the sewing room to make room for air mattresses.  We are well on our way to being ready for Thanksgiving which is a good thing because the grocery store is already a madhouse.  The only machine work I’ll probably be able to do this week will be tomorrow when I join my friends for our regular Tuesday sewing group.  It will be interesting to see how many regulars make it.

I decided to take a break from paper piecing long enough to make one potholder.  I’m still struggling with how to machine finish the binding on these little projects.  Wanda has some tips on how she finishes her mug rugs that help, but I’m just haven’t gotten to a point where I’m happy with my results.  Part of the problem may be that I use recycled terry cloth for the filler and that makes the thickness vary from potholder to potholder. 

We are expecting rain later this week, but for now the weather is brisk and sunny.  The dogs are at the fence begging for treats from the golfers.


Quilting Babcia said...

We do the same thing when the grandkids arrive to spend the weekend. Plus being sure to put the rolling carts with scissors,, pins and rotary cutters in our own room. It's wonderful having them visit, wouldn't trade it for the world. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

AnnieO said...

The cleaning and shifting is all worth it! I'm hoping to sew on Friday. We're having cool weather, such a welcome change. Have a wonderful time!

O'Quilts said...

There is a potholder tute on my blog...I always turn the back over and use Insul-brite....I buy the bolt from Hobby Lobby with my 40% worth it.