Saturday, November 14, 2015

This and That...

I did make it to the “Club House” yesterday to spend a few hours sewing with my friends.  I have my vintage Singer 404 set up there and have found it to be a great machine for paper piecing.  I have really been enjoying it.  I was working on more triangle square strips for Sue Garman’s Good Golly quilt.  I think the pattern calls for something in excess of 280 of these strips and I have a lot left to do.

This is my birthday month and I am allowing myself some indulgences along the way.  I found this Kaffe Fasset book from a used book dealer on Amazon.  When we were preparing to move back to Texas 9 years ago, I thinned out my library selling online and am always willing to help out other used book dealers when I see something I don’t want to purchase in electronic form.  This book has some gorgeous quilts.

I made time this afternoon wrap the outside faucets.  No freezes are predicted in the long range forecast, but this year I don’t want to wait until it’s miserably cold to get that chore done.  And while the weather is pleasantly cool, I’m also tidying up the yard including attacking weeds in the flower beds and trimming up the rose bush and other shrubs. 

Like so many others, I am heart sick over yesterday’s brutal attacks in Paris.  I just keeping praying, stitching, trimming, and pressing trying to reclaim my serenity.


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Stitching is such good therapy when life and our own concerns seem to weigh in so heavily. You've got a lot of triangles to make, but you're making progress. I just can't wait to see them come together.

Gina said...

You've been busy. Sometimes you have to do some mindless job to keep the mind busy and away from thinking about the terrible events. Be thankful that horrendous as they are, they are rare enough to keep us horrified. The day we become accustomed and numb to them is the day humanity has died. xxx