Saturday, November 5, 2016

Back From Houston!

I received an invitation to accompany a friend to the Houston Quilt Festival this week and stay as a house guest at her daughter’s lovely home.  What a treat it was. 

I was so busy absorbing the sights and sounds of the event that I took very few pictures.  This prize winner, however, took my breath away. 

I didn’t come home empty handed by any means.  I made two purchases, both of them extravagant.

For several years, I’ve wanted to see if I could find a really good fitting thimble.  My hands are small and it’s not that easy to find ones that are comfortable.  

Here is what I came home with.  This thimble is made by TJ Lane.  It is sterling and has a lifetime warranty.  The price hurt, but the thimble feels wonderful on my hand.

And, this little girl followed me home too.  For some time, I’ve wanted a retreat/workshop machine with a good blanket stitch.  I love my vintage straight stitch machines.  They are still my favorite for piecing, but often they don’t meet workshop requirements.  The machines I have that do meet those requirements are heavy, bulky and difficult to remove from their cabinets.  After lurking at the Janome booth several times and peppering the representatives with lots of questions, they reduced the price three times to one I was willing to pay.  

Good thing hubby is at the ranch for a few days and I don’t have a lot of commitments this coming week.  

I’ll use the time to make friends with her and consider re-homing one of my vintage machines to free up storage space.

The trip to Houston was fabulous, but exhausting.  I’m not used to big city traffic (thankfully my friend handled the driving), the crush of humanity, and sensory overload that you encounter at Festival.  If offered another chance to go to Houston, I would grab it in a heartbeat; but I’m looking forward to some recovery time.  


Warm Quilts said...

What a great opportunity to attend the Houston Quilt Festival. Lucky you making two extravagant purchases - those are the best kind, when you aren't going to shop. Welcome Home!

Hilachas said...

Oh what fun you had! I'm so glad you were able to make a trip like that. Nice purchases too.

Debbie said...

Wow, you got to see it all I bet. I do understand the sensory overload---after being down for 6-7 months this year, a trip to Joann's was overload for me:) You got some goodies and a new machine. You deserve the ease of handling it for all your workshops and sew ins.

Doreen Auger said...

Such varied assessments of the show! I think it depends on how small/quiet your home environment is as to how the "crush of humanity" is dealt with....even for such a brief time. Margaret Gunn's quilt certainly created a stir and garnered many deserved accolades! Finding a workshop machine seems to be a challenge for many. I usually bring my Juki 2010Q......a "boat anchor" for sure but I so love her speed, thread cutter and other perks that I can't comfortably sew on anything else. The blanket stitch is on my Bernina expensive "ornament" that is seldom used of late. Happy sewing!!!!!

O'Quilts said... much fun. Lucky you and a great machine to boot!!