Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Prepping Sort of Day

My quilting activities Saturday were pretty much limited to prepping projects and not actually sewing.  Oh, how I miss it when I can’t sit down to a machine and just stitch my seasonal stress away! 

I’m closing in on completing the first stage of this Becky Goldsmith project.  Five more leaves need to be stitched down, then the blocks go together and the next stage of applique begins.

I also did a lot of fabric pairing and cutting for my hexagon project.  While I was at it, I cut some of the remnants of this project into units for bow tie blocks. 

I should be ready to roll the next time an opportunity presents itself for some handwork, but that probably won’t happen today. 


Debbie said...

Some days we just need the prep time. The seasonal stress sure can complicate it too. And some stitching time would settle me also.

AnnieO said...

A prep day sounds like a great way to spend time petting fabric!