Sunday, January 15, 2017

Life Happens

Life certainly has a way of changing our plans.  Company that unexpectedly morphed into an overnight stay last weekend plus a day lost to jury duty on Monday left me scrambling to hit my pace the rest of the week.  I wouldn't have missed the time spent with my daughter (think adult coloring books and pedicures).  Also, I was very relieved to not be chosen to serve on the jury.  Based on questions put to the pool about cases involving sexual abuse and assault of a minor, I know it would have been a difficult case to hear. Fortunately for me, I was assigned a high enough number that there was very little chance of me serving this time.

So, all I have to show are three more rosettes for my Edyta Sitar project and a few small cuts I picked up to add diversity to the project.  Other things going on in the background were delivering our Guild's donation quilt top to the long-armer and stitching up a few more anti-ouch pouches.

I need to spend some time at the cutting table tomorrow and I’m hoping for more quilty productivity this week.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I'm with you on jury duty - know someone has to do it but would rather it wasn't me in certain cases

AnnieO said...

That's a great reason to have company! I love spending time with my girls. Jury duty in our county is one day, and we live just 3 miles away so it isn't hard to get to. But like you, I was pleased not to get selected the few times a panel was called. Here's to more stitching!

Debbie said...

I wondered if you were traveling....but company is always good. Glad you were not chosen for jury in this case. I think you have earned a productive week:)