Friday, September 1, 2017

Home from Retreat

I attended our Guild’s third annual retreat this week and thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship, good food and time to work on two projects.

My bow tie quilt is a top except for the units that will border it.  I still have approximately 100 of those to make.

This Sue Garman project was going on its third annual retreat.  I would love for it to be completed before next year’s event.

Of course, there was a somber undertone to our play days.  Although we were far enough inland to escape direct impact.  Everyone had family, friends or property at risk from Hurricane Harvey.  There was no television at the retreat center but cell phones never stopped ringing as we got updates.  Pleas had already been made for loved ones to evacuate and vacation homes had been secured as best they could before Harvey’s landfall.    All anyone could do was wait for the storm to play out while we dealt with our collective anxiety by sewing. The full extent of what will need to be done for recovery is still unknown.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope everyone you know in that area is safe - horrible time there for sure. love the quilt - heard there is to be a special showing of Sue Garman's quilt at the Houston show and now I wonder if there will be a show - I can't make it this year but would have loved to see her quilts.

Frog Quilter said...

Your two tops are looking great. You are almost to the finish line. Love all the scraps you used in each one.

AnnieO said...

Beautiful quilt tops, both. What a lot of happy stitching hours they represent. The devastating pictures from Houston cannot match the feelings of the survivors, gazing at what used to be theirs. So heartbreaking.

Debbie said...

I so love your bow tie quilt top! It is fabulous. Ditto for the second one. The horror still plays out and it is so heart breaking. Glad you were safe.

O'Quilts said...

By the time I have caught up on past blog posts..there have been a million more tragedies...I almost cannot bear it. So I will just tell you that your two tops are stunning