Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

During the last two weeks, I have read, with growing respect, numerous blog posts in which the authors posted their personal goals for 2011.  Originally, I did not intend to formalize my list, but as a friend of mine once said, only a fool never changes her mind.

So, I have added a side bar item in which I list the UFOs on my active list.  There are others that are, at least for the time being, abandoned projects.  I also have numerous projects I want to do in the future, but before I start them, I would like to move seven items on my current list to either completed or flimsy status.  The Civil War Chronicles quilt is a 2011 BOM, so it cannot possibly reach the flimsy status until year end.  My Dear Jane quilt has been languishing as I have missed several club meetings, but I like it and want to move forward with it.  Some items on the list are not quilts, but are gift items that I like to stockpile.

Here are two very scrappy pot holders that only require the binding to be completed.  They will count against my list.  I’ve made prettier ones, but they have all been gifted.  These will probably live in my kitchen.  I am especially fond of projects like these because they are quick, functional, and use up scraps that would otherwise be tossed.  I suppose they could be considered “green”.  They are made using the flip and stitch method.  The insulating material in the center is comprised of old terry cloth towels that are no longer serviceable. 

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