Monday, February 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 02/21/2011

Saturday was the first opportunity I have had in several months to attend the Dear Jane Club at our local quilt shop.  My good friend, Jeanette, can whip out these little blocks at near blinding speed, but I struggled to get just these three done:  I-1, Ralph & Nelda’s Wedding; J-6, Granny Weaver; and K-12, Doris’s Dilemma.  The quilt center consists of 139 blocks, plus a gazillion border triangles.  These blocks bring me to a total of 39 completed blocks.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll attempt the triangles and scalloped edge.  I would really love to, but my progress has been incredibly slow.

Many of the blocks require appliqué, and I will be attending a workshop on appliqué techniques in March. 

And for a moment of personal indulgence…. 

My dogs, Harley and Chloe, like each other and play together endlessly, but they rarely share personal space like a bed.  So, I was pleased to see this scene last week, even if it only lasted a few moments.

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Rabid Quilter said...

Your blocks are nice but I enjoyed your "personal indulgence" part best! What cuties!!

AnnieO said...

Pretty blocks! I know I would be as slow if I were making this quilt. I admire those who take it on!

Cute doggies. We have an only dog and he eats dog beds so this photo could never happen at our house!

Laurie said...

Dear Jane is quite an undertaking and is NOT supposed to be a fast process. Doing it slowly means we are enjoying the journey more, right?

Marti said...

What pretty batiks! Your pups are little cuties.

Alycia said...

Love the fabrics on those blocks. The dogs are cute!