Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day -- Tomorrow!

It only seemed appropriate that I have something with hearts in my blog today, in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow.

I had only been quilting about a year when I came across this book at our local quilt store.  I decided to learn how to paper piece because I was so impressed with the results my friends were getting with this technique.  This mini-quilt hangs in my sewing room. 

Like much of the country, we have had an unusually cold winter for our area.  Frozen rain chains, snow and icy streets may be all too familiar to some who read this blog, but they are an unpleasant novelty to me.  I count myself blessed that I did not have to venture out in the elements.  This week we are expecting temperatures in the 70s.  What a very welcome change!

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Diane said...

your hearts are lovely. It went up to 45 degrees today....break out the shorts!! J/K-- but it was sure a nice little break from the frigid temps we've been getting.