Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tote Bags

This is a busy time of year for my husband.  Last week he was out of pocket quite a bit doing AARP tax volunteer work and making a quick trip to the ranch to check for freeze damage.  I found myself wanting some mindless stitching therapy and decided to stitch up the tote bags I had kitted the prior week.  One of items on my Active Projects for 2011 was to finish 6 tote bags using remnants from my stash to restock my gift drawer.  I've met that goal. 

I also used the time to get acquainted with my new Kindle.  I received an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas that was burning a hole in my pocket so finally made the plunge.  So far, I’ve only downloaded some of the free books available, but I can see why the device is so popular.  It’s easy to read, lightweight, compact, and just has a nice feel to it.  I’ve started tucking it into my purse when I anticipate wait-time during the day.

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