Monday, April 11, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 04/11/2011

I finished the latest installment of the Civil War Chronicles quilt that I posted about last Monday and have put the Wisconsin Stars blocks back on my design wall.  Since I haven’t finished any more of those blocks, however, my design wall looks exactly like my post two weeks ago.   All I’ve done is sew, press, and subcut the strip sets for each of the remaining 12 star four-patches.  Hopefully, having that step done will make it possible for me to pick up the pace. 

I finished the handwork on the binding for Mix Master Brights which I can now move to my “Bound, Labeled, Done” category.  Bob, who rarely comments about my quilts, liked this one, so it is now his.  It was a $5 a block club I participated in last year.  If I had kept up with the blocks, it would only have cost me the $5 for the first block.  Since the group of friends that were doing it with me never could arrange to be available on the club days, I fell behind and had to pay for the last several blocks.  Nevertheless, it was a fun project and I’m glad I did it.

We had thunderstorms roll through the area last night giving us some much needed moisture.  The weather alert radios (yes, we have two) kept me up and down much of the night with its alarms, but nothing severe here.  In a while I’ll check in with Dave and Bob who spent the night at the ranch, and see if there was any damage there.  It looked like the radar was showing them more directly in the path of the activity. 

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sophie said...

The storms woke me up last night (in Austin). I couldn't believe it when they were still talking fire danger during the TV weather forecast this morning.

No matter whether or not you had to buy those last couple blocks, the mixmasters quilt is lovely. Lucky Bob.

Chris said...

We just have terrible winds, no moisture :(

Your quilt turned out beautiful.

Connie said...

Your Mix Master Brights is a beautiful quilt, congrats on having it done.