Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Wall Monday -- 05/16/2011

My wall looks much the same as last week with work progressing fairly quickly on the medallion quilt.  The piecing is tedious, but it is moving along.  Two of the central quadrants are pieced. 

Also up on the board is a small appliqué piece that came out of a class offered by the quilt club more than a year ago.  It was a class on machine appliqué, but when I pulled it out of the UFO heap; I decided to change it to an exercise in hand appliqué, which is my primary interest now. 

We have very much enjoyed watching the humming birds at the feeder in our back yard, but not so much fun is this little guy. 

He has taken up residence in our mail box, and is in the habit of jumping out in my direction when I remove our mail.  I know tossing in a couple of moth balls would discourage him from staying, but then all the greeting cards I send out for the congregational care committee won’t smell very good.  Maybe the answer is to leave him alone and start using a different box to make my posts.  Anyone want to suggest a name for him?  If he’s here to stay, he should have a name.

We had the very good fortune to have substantial rain last week.  Our ranch has a rain gauge maintained by the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) and it recorded just over four inches for Wednesday and Thursday when we had storms in the area.  Bob made a quick trip out there Thursday afternoon to be sure we did not have hail damage.  All was well, so this was a very happy week for us.


Diane said...

good progress on your piecing. I just put up the humming bird feeder yesterday, felt bad I completely forgot about it and usually have it up earlier.
I would have a heart attact if a little guy like that was in my mailbox!...fall right into the road and that would be the end.
you are very brave.

Karen said...

Beautiful medallion and applique, but I can't say the same for your little friend! LOL.