Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Of late, I’ve been trying to reduce the clutter in my life, rather than acquire more.  It’s been a real struggle and I have done my best to avoid garage and estate sales.  Our church recently sponsored one to benefit missions, though, and I could not resist stopping by.  I didn’t realize that it ended at 2:00 p.m. and got there just in time to get the close-out deal.  Anything you could shove into a plastic grocery bag was $1.  This was my loot. 

I had been looking for saucers to use under flower pots.  Also, I’m drawn to wooden boxes and I found two.  I’ve already loaded one up with sewing tools.  The other appears to be part of an old(?) cigar box.  Barely visible on the bottom is the statement that the cigars contained in it were to be sold at no less than 20 cents each.  I’ve decided to use this little box as a tread catcher at my sewing station at the ranch.  Also in the pile, but not very visible is a nice tile trivet that blends well with our everyday dishes.  No, I didn’t need any of this, but in my defense, it took two of us multiple trips to deliver our contributions to the sale, so I still have less clutter than before.

Today’s wildlife picture is this little guy, trying his very best to blend into the grey porch color so the dogs wouldn’t pester him.  I am happy to report that he escaped intact.  I’ve decided to name the lizard that lives in our mailbox Hoppy.

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