Saturday, February 4, 2012

Binding, Binding ...

This is my favoriate spot to do handwork.  We bought this glider for me shortly after moving back to Texas and soon added a good floor lamp.  There is a small television close at hand.  I love this cozy little sanctuary.

The Civil War Chronicles quilt is so bulky and heavy however, that I have moved my work location to our kitchen table.  This is a comfortable arrangement, but has two disadvantages…not only can I not watch a television while I’m working, I must listen to whatever Bob is watching.  I’m just not into guns, military history, dangerous wild critters and other such manly topics.  And of course, the constant channel hopping makes for some interesting dialog.  Oh well, I’m a little over half way done on this project so maybe we’ll get through it soon.

Around midnight last night we woke to a very heavy thunderstorm.  It was pretty much isolated to our area, but the rains came fast and hard and there was enough run off to fill the pond near our house.  This is the fullest it has been in at least 18 months.  Unfortunately, the water shed area that feeds the lakes and our water systems got almost nothing and remains at record lows.  The gauge at our ranch 25 miles from here also did not register any rain.  For the moment, at least, we are celebrating what we did get.

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Michelle said...

I can sympathize with you about the channel surfing.