Friday, February 3, 2012

New Acquisition for Sewing Room

During a visit to our local library thrift store earlier this week, I spied this little oak end table that is in remarkably good used condition.  I have been trying to decide how to make more efficient use of a little nook between a sewing cabinet and my design wall.  Whatever I used had to be less than 26 inches tall so the sewing cabinet's work surface could be opened.  This little piece fit the space limitations perfectly.  It even has a little cut out that is just large enough for the Craftsman Tote that I use to transport my sewing implements for Sit ‘N Sew Days and retreats. The top is big enough for my audio disk player and the piece is light enough to relocate to the family room when I need extra side tables for gatherings.  I didn’t buy it on my first visit, but waited a few days to think about it.  When I went back and it wasn’t where I had seen it, I was sure I had missed my chance.  Fortunately, I eventually found where it had been moved.  I’m so glad it was still available.


Kim said...

Nice find and solid'll use it forever.

Happy Sewing

Debbie said...

Great find...and the perfect fit. Must have been meant for you.

Impera_Magna said...

Excellent.... so perfect for that space! You lucked out big time!