Monday, October 8, 2012

Just Checking In

Most of my projects are in that in-between stage that does not lend itself to fresh photographs, but I do not want my blog to go dormant so it’s time to check in. 

I can report that my collection of completed Jane Stickle blocks for the month is growing.  The outer two blocks incorporate some of the fabric cuts Wanda Hanson shared with me.

Other blocks are in the process of being appliqued.   

It seems like I spend more time prepping my blocks for construction than I do in actual sewing.  Here is some of my batik stash I've pulled for possible use in future blocks.  Some of these will be difficult to incorporate because of the large size of their motifs.

I’m also working on a winter-themed mug rug for an exchange.  Unfortunately, it will be some time before I can post a picture of it, since my exchange partner is not supposed to see it before it arrives in the mail.  Oh, well, here is a teaser peek just in case Wendi sees this.

We enjoyed a brief visit from long-time friends from Dallas this weekend and Stitch ‘n Chat friends stopped by this afternoon.  I missed the first Stitch ‘n Chat meeting of the season in September because we were travelling, so it was especially nice to see everyone.


Hilachas said...

wow, Mary, you've been really busy. Your DJ blocks are fabulous. I know what you mean about all the prep work required. Sometimes it takes me longer to prep than the actual sewing involved.

AnnieO said...

Those DJ blocks are going to be smashing all together. Prep is always the most time consuming part. I hardly ever prep all of any project at once but go back and forth between stitching and cutting, etc. Enjoy your stitching time!