Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Temporarily Side Tracked To a New Project and Loving It

For the past two days I have been scrubbing down the house and cooking up a storm for a gathering of ladies from my church circle this morning.  After about two hours the house emptied out. leftovers were put away and dishes were washed.  DH vacated the premises before the ladies arrived and is not due back until later this afternoon.  Now the house seems altogether too quiet and even the dogs are bored.  I’d love to sew, but I think I better take a nap before picking up scissors, rotary cutter or needle.

During breaks from all that activity, I pulled out a charm kit that I purchased from Wanda Hanson at Exuberant Color last summer and started working on my very first colorwash quilt.   

I confess, when I first started separating the 200 unique pieces of fabric in the kit, I had a bit of a panic.  Many hours later and with some long-distance coaching here is the layout as it currently stands.  I still see some more tweaking I want to try, but I'm pretty close to finished.

When she put the kits up for sale, Wanda said that she considered this a “starter” kit and that for a top which uses 196 pieces, as this one does, she usually starts with a selection of 250 fabrics.  I did add a handful of additional cuts to smooth out some of the blends, but not all that many.  


Debbie said...

Hi, you are on your way!!! I have been studying this photo from across the room. I see a distinct line between the rows 5 and 6 from the right hand side. I think the medium values line up too much from top to bottom here. Just a little juggling and it should look smoother.
I think it is beautiful and am soooo very happy to see you tackle it.

Connie said...

Looks beautiful Mary! I bought a kit too but haven't had time to play with it yet.