Monday, October 1, 2012

Play Time during a Rainy Weekend

The housework beckoned, the Jane Stickle blocks were demanding attention and there are full laundry hampers.  So what did I do during our nice rainy weekend?  I stitched up a fun wall quilt kit I purchased in Madison.  It shouldn’t have taken nearly as long as it did, but I experimented with machine binding and had to do some unsewing before I was ready to call it finished. 

Usually I don’t enjoy the scary side of Halloween, but this little guy looked so cheerful at a vendor’s booth at the Quilt Expo he just had to come home with me.  The kit shorted me on some of the orange cuts.  Fortunately, I had orange remnants in my stash, so no worries.

I also sandwiched my Christmas wall hanging quilt and it is ready for quilting on my Janome. 

Finally, I am ashamed to confess that there was very little progress on Jane Stickle blocks in September.  These are the three I completed.

I now have 83 center blocks of 169 completed.  I did spend some time Sunday kitting up more blocks and I have one ready for hand applique.  Progress.


Debbie said...

Mary, I really like your new blog photo in the banner. So peaceful and love those blue bonnets. I think you have made progress, and besides you were a road warrior this month! The pumpkin is cute--not scary---and so love the Christmas hanging. It will be beautiful for the season.

Diane said...

you are doing a lot, even if it's not Jane S.
I love the jackolantern-I've been wanting to make another one myself (I always seem to make a or 2 this time of year) yours looks like the border is a dark blue (could be my computer screen) regardless, I like that idea so I may just do that-thanks for the inspiration!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Mary, Mister Pumpkin is mighty handsome and much fun, very festive too!

Congratulations on the 83 completed blocks.

:) Carolyn

Aunt 'Reen said...

What a daring Jack-o-lantern quilt!
Your 3 Jane blocks are gorgeous!
Jane is such a commitment...that it's nice to have a few small finishes in between blocks!

AnnieO said...

Really fun jack o lantern--he is a happy guy indeed :)

Your Christmas quilt is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you will do for the quilting.

One more block and you are halfway through! Congrats on more Jane progress :)