Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another flimsy and a mile marker

Last week was unusually busy and sewing activities were at a minimum.  Our oldest grandson, Charleston, was with us and we enjoyed playing tourist with him.  We visited the LBJ childhood home and ranch and on Tuesday Bob took him to the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg.  Thursday Bob and Charleston went to the ranch to fetch and clean up the boat for a lake outing on Saturday.  His mom and younger brother joined us on Friday, so the sewing room went from something resembling this (no it’s not usually anywhere near this tidy) …

to this. 

I managed a few stolen minutes, though, and my hour glass quilt, which I am told is a broken dishes pattern, is now a flimsy.  Once I prewash the backing fabric it will be ready for the frame the next time I’m at the ranch. 

It would have been more correct chronologically to make this post yesterday.  I chose to delay it, however, so that it would be my 100th blog post.  Coincidentally, my first post approximately 11 months ago was about this very project.  Good thing I wasn’t under any kind of deadline pressure to finish it.

During the visit we had a temporary addition to our doggie pack.  Sparky is the cute pooch on the right.

It looks like everyone is struggling with the heat this summer...stay cool and keep quilting!


Diane said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Time flies, no? And the flimsy is great too!
Love the pix of the pooches-they are too cute! We'll be puppy sitting next week ourselves-that will make our pack 3 as well-should be interesting. Since they're all older dogs, I'm expecting to be walking over a lot of sleeping lumps of fur, with an occasional run around the house just to keep things interesting and then back to napping-what a life.

Connie said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Looks like no sewing while you have family visiting. Love the photo of the dogs at the door. It is hot here too.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love the gang at the door! They are waiting for you to give them bone popcicles! :)

Congratuations on your 100th post!

Hot in Iowa too! But it is better than a snow storm...you don't get them in TX---but we sure do.

Your hour glass quilt looks as though it could be a antique!

Try to stay cool.

:) Carolyn