Monday, July 18, 2011

Prep Work Continues on Strips That Sizzle

My design wall is still empty following a visit from our daughter and two grandsons last week, but I am continuing to make and cut fabric selections for the Strips that Sizzle project I posted about last Monday.  Wanda, from Exuberant Color, suggested that I add an even lighter teal.  I will add that to my “seek and find” list when I visit a couple of quilt stores this week for Sit 'n Sew Day and Civil War Chronicles club.  The rest of the teals are cut.  

Here are the purples (maybe closer to lavender?) I have pulled from my stash. 

Two of the fabrics pose a problem.  One has so many variations in value that it is difficult to place it in proper sequence.  The other cut would barely be large enough, even if it did not have some end-of-bolt defects.  So I will also be seeking substitutes for these fabrics. 

Since I’m at an in-between stage on this project with nothing to really show, I am not posting a link to Judy Laquidara’s Patchwork Times this Monday.  I will enjoy browsing around her Design Wall Monday postings, however, and encourage everyone else to do so as well!

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karenfae said...

I too am contemplating my colors right now - I have one that doesn't seem to fit in the order I have placed it and need to think about it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.