Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun Day with Quilting Friends

Wednesday was our monthly Civil War Chronicles quilt club meeting in Fredericksburg.  We got our kits for the next stage in the quilt and I was able to find a lighter teal to mix in with my fabrics for Strips That Sizzle.  Unlike the others, it is not a batik, but I believe it will work.  Thanks to Jeanette for spotting it after I had given up on finding anything.  I also purchased some Microtex machine needles.  I have not paid as much attention as I should to the kind of needle I use, and I’ve heard very good things about these.

I still need to find replacements for these two fabrics from the lavender/purple color way.  The one on the bottom has too many variations in value and I cannot place it in the value range.  The other has some words that were stamped on it at the end of the bolt that make it too small a cut.  It has been prewashed, but the printing did not come out.

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