Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jane Stickle Triangle Blocks

Monday was spent prepping for applique handwork on three Jane Stickle triangle blocks.   After what seemed like forever, I actually got to spend a day sewing with my Tuesday group where I finished them. Here are the completed blocks, from left to right:  Virginia's Kite, Connie's Brownies, and Watermelon.  Eight triangles and four corner kites to go.

Over the past five days we have enjoyed a wonderful rain event.  The LCRA gauges closest to our house in town and at the ranch show that we received 4.01 and 3.73 inches respectively.  What’s even nicer, there was also heavy rainfall to the north in the area that feeds the lake that is the source of our area’s household water.  We’re not at the drought breaking stage, but it was such a relief to see it.

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Hilachas said...

Your DJ blocks are lovely. Are you almost finished? I'm so glad to hear the the Hill Country is getting rain. I heard that Rocksprings got about 2 inches so you're definitely ahead of us there.