Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Trying to Hit My Stride Again

Still not much sewing going on right now.  Bob had surgery last week.  He is doing great, getting stronger every day, and hopefully should be home from rehab quickly.    But sitting in dimly lit hospital rooms and cramped waiting rooms left me feeling sluggish, and not terribly motivated to do much work even if the space and light had been adequate.
Thank goodness for the connections we make with our quilting friends, especially those who share their inspirations and challenges.  Several have posted about life events that certainly put mine in proper perspective.  And, as I started reading last night, I began to feel that inner nudge to start doing something quilty again, even if it continues to be limited to a few minutes of handwork squeezed in here and there. 

About all I can report for progress is that I have finished the hand applique work on three of these blocks and finished prepping the remaining blocks for handwork.  Two borders still remain for prepping.

I snapped this photo of our neighbors’ roof-line one day last week.  It's fuzzy because I enlarged it so much.  A large colony of vultures lives in the area.  It’s magnificent to watch them soar overhead in mass during the early evening as they search out a roost for the night.  I don’t think they spent the night on our neighbors’ house, but I do believe they chose that spot to wait for the sun to warm up the atmosphere so they could catch up-drafts and launch.  It looks like there are at least 30 birds in this group and I certainly hope they never choose our roof as a launch spot!

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Debbie said...

Glad to hear he is improving and doing well. Coming home and getting a routine again will help lift both your spirits I know.