Sunday, May 11, 2014

Random Notes....

Sweet Julia sent me these lovely tulips for Mother’s Day, and they certainly made my day.  I am so blessed.

Bob is home from rehab and trying to make friends with his new left knee.  We’re going through the settling-in phase as we try to organize everything he needs in a way that gives him easy access, while keeping him comfortable.  Home health care made an assessment visit yesterday and PT should resume tomorrow.

I’m still working on appliqueing the Jill Finley blocks.  At this stage the pictures are rather repetitive, but I am making progress.  I find this an especially relaxing project, making it the perfect one to have on hand.

It’s the time of year when the turtles start migrating from one pond to another.  I moved this one from our flower bed to the water’s edge.  I believe this may be a female since she was burrowing in the ground, perhaps about to build a nest.  I rescued another one about this size from a dangerous spot on our street and relocated it as well.  The easiest way I’ve found to move these critters is to gently slide a flat shovel under them.  They simply retract into their shell until I deposit them in a new spot.  They are remarkable creatures that can move surprisingly quickly when they want to.  We also have snapping turtles in our area, but so far I have not had to relocate any of those.


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hi Mary, Lovely bouquet of of my favorites!

Great looking quilt you are working on and..... the cute picture of momma turtle...this will be fun to see the little ones!

Have a wonderful mothers day!


Debbie said...

Lovely flowers...and you deserve more! So glad to here Bob is making friends with the new knee...:) He probably just feels 100% better being home, and I know you are so glad for that. wishing you a happy Mother's Day....and love the critters, too.

Debbie said...
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Diane said...

pretty tulips.
glad all is settling down for you and the patient!