Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jill Finley/Sue Garman Project is a Flimsy

My combined Jill Finley (center applique block) and Susan Garman medallion quilt design is now a flimsy.  The class with Sue was that perfect combination of working under the guidance of a masterful teacher while in the good fellowship of friends.  I was so sad when we were at the end of our session, but then my friends and I went out for a girls’ lunch together and that was great too.

I really like this little top, but the picture doesn't capture the colors all that well.  My version ended up at 49 inches wide and, except for one fabric, came entirely from my stash.

Our area continues to be drought stricken and we are now limited to watering our yards with sprinklers once a week.  We can, however, water by hand-held hose daily.  

My potted tomato plants are trying to produce and last year’s Easter lily has bloomed again.


AnnieO said...

Great medallion project! Love the colors. It's bigger than I thought! We are in drought conditions too in our entire state but so far have not been given restrictions. Being raised not to waste water is the norm here, and I think should be everywhere!

O'Quilts said...

time I see your blog and it says Hill country quilter...I get confused because I know you are in Texas and I know that there are no hills in Texas...oh, well...What is a flimsy?? Glad you had fun at a workshop.