Saturday, June 7, 2014

Doing a Bit of Cleanup

Another project I've been working on is culling through this stack of magazines.  Quilt magazines have a quality of timelessness for me and I enjoy browsing through old ones almost as much as the newer variety.  I like to pick them up for next to nothing at the Bits and Pieces booth at our biannual quilt show, and I keep them both in town and at the ranch house.  My collection has become too cumbersome, however, and my goal is to thin out my supply.  

I’ll keep those articles that are possible future projects or even small clippings that offer some kind of inspiration.  The clippings will be taped or glued into a notebook and the projects will be stored in page protectors.  

It’s proving to be a time consuming process.  I had hoped to have worked through these in time for the recycle truck yesterday.  I managed to get through some of it, but quite a lot still remains.  Now I've got two weeks until the next pickup.  


Frog Quilter said...

I am due to go through my magazines too. I save what interests me and pass on to junior quilters.

Keep going, you'll get done soon.

Impera Magna said...

I know from experience that culling articles from magazines is very time consuming. I get drawn into each magazine and have to argue with myself to cut out what I want and pitch the rest of it.

The recycle truck will come next week... keep up the good work!