Monday, June 30, 2014

Two Things Checked Off the To-Do List

Some time ago I had committed to make more anti-ouch pouches for breast cancer surgery patients plus some adult clothes protectors (adult bibs) for a local nursing facility.  Both projects were hanging over me, so this weekend I decided to finish them so I could work on my quilting projects with a clear conscience. 

Here is the pile of ten anti-ouch pouches.  It had been long enough since I made any that I goofed on the bottom corners and had to do some unsewing.  These will be handed in at the next Quilt Club meeting and another team will fill them with fiber fill and transport them to the clinics where they are distributed.

Here are the five clothes protectors.  The white one on the bottom was a kitted model.  I've never liked working with terry cloth, and my machine didn't seem to enjoy it either, but at least they are finished.  There's nothing fancy about them, but I think they will be serviceable.

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