Saturday, June 21, 2014

Work Continues on Multiple Projects

My pile of completed Jill Finley blocks continues to grow.   These blocks are ready for me to re-stitch the seam now that the appliqued stems have been tucked inside.  I have loved having this as a go-to handwork project ready for those nights Bob and I watch television together.  I don’t even mind his selection of programing when I have a project to work on.  I suspect that has been a survival technique used by wives for generations.

I have another Jane Stickle triangle block drafted.  It will require both paper piecing and applique.

Most of today is being spent cleaning house and running errands.  Maybe tomorrow I can sit down at the machine and do some work. 

Yesterday the forecast was for a 10% chance of rain.  Our house proved to be under the right cloud, however, and our yard gauge showed we received .4 inches.  The official LCRA gauge closest to us showed half that amount.  It was just our turn to be lucky.

Friends shared the bounty from their peach trees.  I see a cobbler in our near future.

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