Friday, June 6, 2014

Progress on Multiple Fronts

I've slowly been making progress on three projects.  

Two more Jane Stickle blocks are prepped and ready for my next sew-day with friends.  

Quilting has resumed on my split nine patch quilt.   

I've completed applique handwork on nine blocks for the Jill Finley quilt.  

I had to miss sewing with my friends Tuesday, but hope to get back to that next week. 

We made a trip to the ranch yesterday and agreed to a proposed contract for the rebuild on the ranch house interior.  We hope the actual work will begin in about two weeks.

It's still nice and green since the last rainfall.  

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AnnieO said...

So many pretty projects! All that brings a smile to a quilter's face, for sure:). Our green is all gone :(