Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bound, Labeled, and Done!

I finished binding and attaching the label on Dave’s quilt last night.  It’s ready for its new home in his RV.  I hope he will be able to pick it up on his way to South Texas where he spends the winter to escape Wisconsin’s cold.  

I’m learning just how hard it is to get a photograph of large quilts.  I can hang twin-size and smaller from some bookcases we have in one of our rooms.  However, at 98 inches square, I had to put this one on our bed, stand on a ladder and hold the camera over my head.  Can anyone give me hints on how they handle photographing their big quilts?  I’d love to hear from you.  Unfortunately, I also had trouble with lighting in the room where I took this photo and the colors are washed out.  The photo does not do it justice. 

Carolina Chain is progressing slowly in my very messy sewing room, but the rows are coming together. 


Vicki said...

My dad is a photographer and he hangs my quilts on a 10 foot pole used for backdrops. Lighting is always an issue, isn't it. If I am doing the photo I lay it on the floor and stand on a step stool to get high enough for the picture.

Lovely quilts, too.

Exuberant Color said...

I agree the large ones are hard to photograph. I have to do mine on a bed too. I take photos during the day and again in the evening with overhead lights and see which gives the best color. Also my camera's program on my computer allows a little tweaking.