Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting the Spirit of the Season

Time to get serious and make some decisions about decorations this year.  I pulled out a Christmas throw I competed early in the year along with some older decorations that are very dear to me. 

Here is the nativity scene that belonged to my Aunt Mary.  According to the stamp on the bottom of one of the figures, it was made in 1955. 

My Aunt Mary made this Christmas stocking for me.  It’s had a few too many years and a little too much loving to be in pristine condition.  However, even today I marvel at the detail she lovingly put into it.  It is draped over my grandmother’s rocker. 

It wouldn’t be the season for me without a little whimsy.  These two reindeer are perched on a pair of vases my father brought back from India where he served during World War II.

Just as all the bittersweet memories were beginning to crowd in on me; I glanced outside and saw this.  Even though they were being naughty, I had to smile.  Fortunately, they were fighting over a cast-off towel.

It looks to me like Chloe is having to work a whole lot harder than Harley.  She doesn't know it yet, but she's about to get a bath.

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