Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Quilting is my first love, but unless I have a binding ready to work on, there are times it’s just not that portable.  So I decided to give knitting a try.  I became intrigued with the idea of knitting socks while reading Judy Laquidara’s posts about knitting on Patchwork Times.  Judy actually hosted a sock knit along, but it conflicted with my travel plans to Houston.  Also, it had been decades since I held a pair of knitting needles and my first effort was anything but successful.  As I recall, Aunt Mary had to finish the project for me.

So, I started with re-learning the basics by making a number of these dishcloths using a free pattern I found online.  To my surprise, they have withstood the stress of being used and laundered beautifully.

After many false starts, I have almost completed my first sock.  It doesn’t bear close scrutiny but at least it is recognizably a sock.  I need to attempt the technique for weaving the toe closed before I can begin its mate.

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