Monday, December 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday—12/20/2010

The center for Carolina Chain is almost together and I have found a pattern in a very old Quilters Newsletter for a paper pieced border.  Here is a picture of the published quilt with the border.  I won’t be adding the prairie points. 

Here are the fabrics I thinking about using.  I hope the green, which is so dark it almost appears black, will tone down the center’s busyness and give the eye a place to rest while the gold/burnt orange and fuchsia/orange batiks will give it some life.  As usual, the photograph shown on my computer is not true to the colors.  This is really outside my comfort zone for both design and color, so I will do a few blocks to get an idea of how it will look assembled and get some feedback before going too far. 

Judy Laquidara's site, Patchwork Times, has lots of inspiration to offer today.

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